Introduction of staad pro

about staad pro, use of staad pro, starting the program, elements of the staad pro screen
• Generating the model geometry, call tool bar, call missing icon creating a new how to set background color, how to set unit, set axis orientation
• Generating the model geometry, create a new structure, create building the staad pro model
• Specify member properties, specify support, assign member properties, and assign support
• How to check dimension, removes dimension, write text in staad, and remove text in staad
• Mirror object, copy object, rotate object, move object, show rendering view
• Use of function key, control key, how to numbering node, plate & beam


• How to insert beam, create beta angle, add beam, perpendicular beam, parallel beam, curve beam
• How to structure color, create beam start color & end color, create structure color, beam no., column no., plate no. hides unhide
• Connect beam along in axis, show particular structure, select all node, select node from list, select geometry element
• Create shear wall, create plate, specify plate thickness or shear wall thickness, show view in object
• Using translation repeat, create a building use in translation repeat, circular repeat; create a water tank use in circular repeat
• Specify analysis type, load and desfinition, definition, seismic definition, wind definition, loading type
• Define load case details, define dead load, define live load, define floor load, define node load
• Define load combination, specifying concrete design parameter, specifying code


• Specifying concrete design code, Performing the analysis and design, viewing the output file, define result
• Post processing, specify post processing mode, viewing the deflection diagram, display force and moment diagram
• Define a building G+4, specify analysis type, specify result, specify deflection and force, moment diagram
• Create a truss using node, define support, and define member properties, assign member properties
• Specify load and definition, Specify seismic load, specify wind load, define load combination
• Specify steel design code, specify the analysis and design, viewing the output file, specify result
• Specify post processing mode, viewing the deflection diagram, display force and moment diagram
• Create a steel structure, specify load and analysis, viewing result and force, deflection of beam diagram
• Create a beam, define properties of beam, and specify load using in beam
• Specify steel design, analysis and design, viewing result
• Specify post processing mode, viewing the deflection diagram, deflection bending moment diagram
• Specify truss building, specify analysis, specify force and moment diagram
• Create a building, analysis building, create a truss, analysis, specify moment, bending, stress, deflection Staad foundation


Our programs are ideal for:
• Professionals working in the field and looking to improve their skills with the latest version of the software.
• Intermediate-level users looking to improve their current demo reels and marketability.
• Beginners looking to explore new career options in the 3D animation industry.

3DS MAX Course (Exterior & Interior Design)

Introducing 3Ds Max.
• Importance of 3Ds Max for Civil/Architecture design.
• Creating all type of Standard, Extended, Primitive objects.
• Creating Doors, Windows and Stairs according to parameters.
• Creating all types of shapes like Circle, Line and Ellipse etc.
• Creating Compound Objects.