Solid Works Training aims at providing professional industry oriented training in Part Modeling, Assembly, Drafting and Detailing Modules by professionals from Mold / CAD-CAM / Machine Design industry with industry codes and Practices.

Course eligibility

• Introduction to the CAD/ CAM.
• SolidWorks File Management.
• Basic concept of part modeling.
• Basic part modeling
• Introduction to Advanced part modeling.
• Introduction to surface modeling.
• Basic surface modeling.
• Design table.
• User Defined features.
• Introduction to Assembly
• Assemble user interface.
• Assemble components.
• Component Manipulation.
• Assembly Constraints.
• Explode Views.
• Assembly cut.
• Simplified representation
• Drafting concepts &principles.
• Drafting user interface.
• Creating drawing views.
• Manipulating drawing views