Distance Sensors Item Code : 73664029
Your yardstick

Our distance sensors stand for maximum accuracy – over small as well as large distances. They are used everywhere geometric parameters such as height or width need to be determined. They are characterized by high resolving capacity at high measurement rates. Especially our ultrasonic sensors facilitate reliable measurement results with transparent objects – even under difficult environmental conditions.


Light Curtains Item Code : 73664107
At the right position with millimeter accuracy
With moving system parts that need to automatically work together, the positioning of parts or work pieces with millimeter accuracy is of great importance. We offer devices here with two operating principles. One is a laser distance measurement device that measures against a reflector and the other is a bar code positioning system that has a red light laser which determines the position and speed relative to a bar code tape.


Light Curtains Item Code : 73664160
Would you like another dimension with that?
These sensors determine height contours. 3D data can be easily generated for moving objects or by moving the sensor. The measurement data can either be output for external processing or preprocessed in the sensor for convenient object measurement or detection.


Light Curtains Item Code : 73664316
Fork is just another word for exact
The forked shape offers measurement resolutions as great as 0.014 mm with high reproducibility without time-consuming alignment. An infrared light-band illuminates a line-scan camera (CCD line) and returns analog or digital output signals depending on the illuminated pixels and configuration.