Want to learn multi-purpose, easy to grasp, and one of the world’s most popular CAD applications that provides designing solutions to all industries such as mechanical, architectural, and civil then Google SketchUp would be the right software to learn for you. Our company offers highly professional and advanced training of Google SketchUp that is driven by industry experts on regular, weekends, early morning, and late evening batches. Google SketchUp is a 3D modelling software for drawing architect, interior, civil and mechanical physique. In this course we will cover the fundamentals of the application, from navigating the user interface with advanced drawing, texturing, lighting etc…


• Installing SketchUp
• Starting SketchUp for the first time
• Using the exercise files
• Tips for Mac users
• Getting to Know the Interface

InterFace Basis

Adding toolbars
• Navigating
• Changing perspective
• Walking around
• Creating camera views
• Shading faces and edges
• Creating shadows and fog
• Creating Scenes
• Setting preferences
• Manipulating Objects
• Selecting and moving objects
• Scaling and rotating objects
• Manipulating faces and edges
• Advanced selection tools
• Drawing