Electric Actuator Item Code : 47207090
Current transducers bring added value to your final application. They can integrate the primary conductor to realize the best coupling for dynamic performance (bandwidth, response time), as well as ensuring a high synergy with modern power electronics. Even for a bipolar measurement, a lot of current transducers can be power supplied with +5 V,can provide their internal voltage reference external pin or receive an external voltage reference to share it with micro controllers or A/D converters for perfect communication. Performances such as the offset, gain and offset drifts can be improved by communicating with the microcontroller. Some special ASICs (Application)Specific Integrated Circuit) have been designed by LEM to answer to that specific market requirement. Different current transducer families have been developed based on these ASICs working with Open Loop or Closed Loop Hall effect technology.
• Superior performance
• Longer service life
• Robust construction
• Durable finish standards